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Commercial Concrete

concrete pouring during commercial concreting floors of building

Concrete in a commercial setting is used to either build or enhance a business facility, such as industrial buildings, warehouses, and even retail stores. It can be used in the building itself or as a decorative feature, such as paving or flooring. Almost all commercial buildings incorporate concrete in one way or another. Concrete is the most popular building material due to the durability and lifespan that it has to offer business owners. Whether you are looking at re-doing your business flooring or paving the area around it, San Jose Concrete Pros are the guys for you.


Benefits of Concrete for your commercial space

Concrete can be found in every commercial property and if it is used correctly, it can increase the aesthetic of the environment. A better-looking space is not the only benefit that attracts many business owners to concrete. In comparison to other building materials, concrete is one of the most affordable and economical. With many other alternative materials that are available you are limited to space and shapes that you can create, with concrete it can be poured into any form, and just about any structural shape can be achieved. Concrete is versatile, with any color, texture, or stamp that can be added to create your own unique and bespoke look.


Strength and durability

Every business wants to invest in something that is going to last structurally and with little maintenance needed. Commercial concrete is one of the best ways to do this. Concrete can withstand harsh weather conditions and high foot traffic without being exposed to scratching and cracking. Many commercial properties have a high chance of a fire. Materials that offer good fire resistance should be a top consideration. The materials that you use within your business should be one that can withstand any potential fires and concrete is the best way to combat this. This will help keep your losses and damage to a minimum.


Concrete flooring in retail and restaurants 

When it comes to adding decorative properties to your business, when the aesthetic could be the difference between a customer walking past or walking in, you want something that is going to last and look as good as it did on the day of installation for its entire lifespan. Retail stores and restaurants see a high amount of feet daily and because of this, you will need something resistant to scratching and damage. Concretes strength and durability can offer you this. With stamped and decorative concrete you can transform your space with a unique floor design. Whether that is your company logo in the center of the floor, or unique colors and designs. With concrete in your retail or restaurant space, the opportunities are endless. Contact us today to find out how we can transform your commercial space.


Commercial parking lots and concrete 

Installing concrete in your parking lot is a good investment for business owners, due to concrete being easier to maintain, as well as having a longer lifespan to support heavier vehicles and use. The lighter color of concrete benefits your parking lot as it reflects the light, keeping the area better lit throughout the day and will leave you with less money to be spent on energy for lighting. The speed of construction that concrete offers is best for a parking lot as there will be little downtime to keep your business running.

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