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Concrete Patio

cozy covered patio with stone trim fireplace. glass top patio table and comfortable chairs with stripped covers

Concrete makes one of the best choices for a patio or entertainment area because more often than not, it can create the perfect sanctuary that blends the interior with the exterior of your home. Concrete has become one of the most popular elements to be used in a home’s aesthetic look, this is for good reason. San Jose Concrete Pros can provide your home and patio with just what it needs to create your peaceful haven away from the world. Contact us today to find out how you can have your dream patio built today.


Endless designs

Today, concrete offers more decorative options than it ever has. Homeowners who want to choose a medium with the ultimate design versatility have begun to notice how concrete can benefit them. A patio is an area within your home for friends and family to gather and memories to be made and, because of this, you want to be able to ensure that you get the look you want, whether that is a bespoke design and color or a stamped impression of other materials, such as wood. With the stains, integral colors, and stamps that are available with concrete, the options are endless. Upgrading your patio with decorative concrete is an investment that will bring you many years of happiness and memories.



Concrete is one of the easiest materials to maintain. Concrete can withstand harsh weather conditions, as well as heavy usage before any repairs are needed. Unlike wood that will begin to rot and warp if it is exposed to water, concrete is impervious to most elements. Although both wood and concrete need regular maintenance to maximize the lifespan, concrete requires less maintenance and will need to be cleaned and re-sealed every 2 to 3 years to reach the full lifespan. Regular cleaning with mild chemicals to remove dirt and water before a stain occurs is the only ongoing maintenance that you would need to observe. Concrete is both easier and cheaper to maintain.


Why choose a professional to install my patio?

Saving money and cutting costs where possible is important for most homeowners. To save your pocket, you may be tempted to do a YouTube search on how to DIY your concrete patio. Although saving money is important, we recommend that you leave concrete pouring to the professionals. An incorrectly poured concrete patio will be prone to cracking and breaking and may even warrant a complete replacement or repair job. This will result in a higher cost for maintenance and possibly even cost you a complete replacement. San Jose Concrete Pros have the experience and knowledge to ensure we give you what you are looking for within the budget that best fits your lifestyle without the need for untimely repairs or replacement.


Benefits of concrete on patios

There is a list of materials that can be used for your outdoor patio, but few can withstand the external weather conditions that your patio is often exposed to whilst also providing you with the design versatility that concrete has to offer. The initial cost of having concrete installed is lower than that of wood and with the long lifespan and low maintenance needs, you will soon see this investment pay for itself.

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