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leveling concrete with bull float on recently wet concrete project.

Concrete is one of the most trustworthy materials that you could use for your foundation, flooring, or decorative needs. It goes without saying then, that you should be able to place an equal amount of trust in the company that is installing your concrete solutions. At San Jose Concrete Pros, we strive to instill this sense of trust in all our customers. We do this by way of our transparent pricing models, open communication style, and resolution to provide the highest quality of work possible, which is backed up by the glowing testimonials that we have received from previous customers. If you would like to know more about us, our quality of work, or see the testimonials that our clients have provided to us, leave an inquiry below!


You may have an existing issue that demands the attention of a professional, such as a faulty foundation that is demonstrating signs of failure. If you need a professional to assess and repair any issues of this nature, we have contractors available for call-out immediately. We offer fast turnaround times to minimize the risk of further costs. If you require immediate service, call us using the number below. All of our quotations are provided after having reviewed the full extent of your needs, so even if you do not require an emergency assessment, we will ensure that we are with you quickly, to avoid delays.

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