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Concrete Pavers

under construction concrete driveway

The demand for concrete pavers has grown dramatically in both the commercial and residential markets. This is largely thanks to the strength and durability that concrete as a material offers, especially when professionally installed. The versatility in design and colors that are available make it customizable to fit almost any aesthetic. This low maintenance form of paving is easy and quick, it will arrive on site ready to be laid. Transform your outdoor space today with our concrete paving options.


Concrete Paver styles

Concrete pavers are a common option for outdoor flooring; pavers are manufactured in different shapes, sizes, and colors according to each home or business owner’s specifications. The design versatility is virtually endless. Colors, as well as textures, can be mixed to create a unique look. Whether you are looking for a classic standard aesthetic or something colorful that may resemble other textures or materials, concrete is the option for you. The styles and color variation can be used to complement the surrounding buildings and create a uniform look. Alternatively, unique designs can be created and placed to separate your outdoor area and create a peaceful sanctuary to which you can escape.


Concrete pavers maintenance 

Concrete as a material is one of the strongest finishes. If it is installed properly and by a professional company, it will rarely crack, move, or settle under normal use. The compacted bed underneath the pavers will assist in stopping this from happening. Typically, routine maintenance will include cleaning the pavers by removing any dirt or debris. Depending on the weather exposure you may need to replace the sand in the paver joints every few years. To keep your pavers in top condition and prevent damage it is advised to seal your pavers to assist with stains. A new seal will need to be reapplied periodically.


How to choose a concrete paver 

To ensure a quality installation will guarantee longevity and durability, there are some steps you can take before you choose a company to do your installation. It is important to note how long the contractors have been in the trade and the type of experience they come with. Certification is the next big thing to look at, a company that has no experience or certification is likely not going to be able to provide you with quality installations. They should offer guarantees on work done and have liability insurance, as, while the contractor is on your property, they need to be insured in the event of any damages or injuries.


Save time and money

Pavers are generally produced on a large scale, which aids in driving their purchase costs down. This, coupled with the ease with which they are installed, makes them an ideal investment for those looking to upgrade the look of their exterior space on a budget. The speed at which pavers are installed is another great benefit. Professional installers make quick work of pavers and ensure that we are out of your way in no time at all. For more information on our paver solutions, give us a call.

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